Friday 5.24.19

Buy in: 5 reps Unloaded barbell complex- sumo deadlift high pull>rdl>hang power clean>push press>front squat. Mobilize.

Power Clean: 7 singles. Progressive loading.

Complete 5, 3-minute rounds resting 1 minute between rounds-

3 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/135

6 reps Power Clean 95/135

9 Box Jump overs 24/30

Record total reps. Begin each round with the 3 SDHP.

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Thursday 5.23.19

Buy in: EPB loop. Mobilize. 3 rounds of Cindy. Grip it and (don't) rip it!

2 attempts at each 2 minute couplet. Add your reps together for scoring:

1 minute Bike/Row for calories

1 minute Dumbbell Bench

1 minute Ball Slams

1 minute Pull ups

1 minute Air Squats

1 minute Handstand Push Ups


400 meter Farmer’s Carry

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Wednesday 5.22.19

Buy in: Run 400 meters. 8 reps cat/cowmel, birddog, side-lying bridge, banded hip thrust, clamshell, superman.

Deadlift: 8 sets of 3 reps. Progressive loading.

3 rounds of Assistance work:

5 reps Good Mornings

5 reps Sumo Deadlift

5 reps/side Single-leg RDL

Finisher: Run the getBUILT mile

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Tuesday 5.21.19

Buy in: 8 reps Birddog, Cat/cowmel, side-lying bridges, PVC shoulder complex, PVC Burgener snatch progression. Samson stretch, cossack stretch, static spiderman lunge. Mobilize. Perform 3 sets of the complex featured in the workout starting with an unloaded barbell.

Lactate Vortex

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes complete:

5 reps each Power cleans>front squats>snatch grip deadlifts> hang power snatch>overhead squats> as many burpees as possible. Score is total burpees.

Rx weight is 53/95

Finisher: Row or Bike 100 calories.

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Monday 5.20.19

Buy in: 200 meter jog- 5 reps each- pullups, wall balls , kb swings, push ups, box jump overs. Mobilize.


for time complete

Crye-Leike Loop

25 pullups

then partition as desired

100 wall balls

140 kb swings

180 push ups

25 pullups (not part of the partition equation)

Crye-Leike Loop

The gym is set up in a specific fashion for multiple reasons. There are designated areas for wall balls, kb swings and push ups. A wall of boxes 24" high separates these areas. You must go over the boxes to transition from movement to movement. I don't expect you to comprehend. In fact, I'm surprised you're still reading at this point. Just show up and we'll talk you through it. Cheers!

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Friday 5.17.19

Buy in: Knock out. 10 burpees once you’re bounced. Run 800 meters. Wait until the stragglers finish the artful dodging so all of us can run as a group. Group buy-ins!!!!! Yay!!!! amirite?!

Tabata downdog progression. Kip practice.

As a sprint, complete 5 separate rounds for time of:

Bike 20 or Row 30 calories

15 Burpees

10 Pullups

Recover as needed between rounds. Record the sum of all 5 sprints excluding rest.

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Thursday 5.16.19

Buy in: 8 reps dumbbell curl and press, lateral raises, dumbbell external rotations, rear delt flyes, unloaded barbell strict press, push press, push jerk.

Strict Press: 8 sets of 3 reps progressive loading

Push Press: 5 sets of 3 reps progressive loading

Jerk: 5 heavy singles progressive loading

No racks. Weights come off the floor.

Finisher- unloaded barbell Tabata strict press

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