Friday 7.19.19

Buy in: Partner med ball work. Band shoulder complex. 3 sets of 5 burpees. Mobilize.

Bench Press: 7,5,3,1,1,1,1,1

5 rounds of:

10 calories bike for time. Rest as needed between rounds.

Double check and you’ll notice it doesn’t say 10 calories row for time.

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Thursday 7.18.19

400 meter walk.

KB work is done barefoot except for maybe the lunges if you’re outside.

16 reps: 8/side-Single-arm KB deadlift. Weight comes to rest on the floor, alternate hands, kettlebell is not off to one side when it’s on the floor, but is between the feet.

8/side Single-arm KB swing. Alternate hands.

8/side KB Hang Power Clean to Overhead. Alternate hands.

8/side KB Walking overhead lunge.

3x35 Double Unders.

Barbell Push Press

5x5 Progressive loading.

Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

5 Push Press 65/115

25 Double Unders

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Wednesday 7.17.19

Buy in: 8 reps- Hip Circle Rodeo. Left to Right/Right to Left, Front to Back, Back to Front. Clamshell side plank. Mobilize. Progressively load your bar to prepare for the workout.

Front Squat 8 sets of 3 reps Straight Sets. Shoot for around 85%


Max unbroken strict Handstand Push Ups

Max unbroken Toes to Bar

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Tuesday 7.16.19

Buy in: Burgener warm up with PVC. Mobilize- lord knows you need it.

15 minutes-

Muscle snatch 3 sets of 3 reps progressive loading. Stay light, stay fast, stay crisp.

Squat snatch balance 3 sets of 3 reps progressive loading. Stay light, stay fast, stay crisp.

Complete 3 sets progressive loading of:

3 position snatch complex:

High hang>knee>from the floor (power) straight into

High hang>knee>from the floor (squat) [Pause in the hole for 2-3 seconds on each of these reps]

15 minutes- work on heavy singles.

Then for time

15 minute cap-


9-7-5 reps

Muscle-ups (scale pull-ups and dips 2:1)

Squat Snatches (95/135) (scale can include lighter weight and power snatches)

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Monday 7.15.2019

Buy in: Slow jog 500 meters. 5 reps each movement. Mobilize. Whine. Engage in negative self-talk as feelings of dread intensify.

Monday Cup Check-

for time:

Run 500 meters (to the stop sign at the 4-way and back)

50 Wall Balls

Run 500 meters

50 KB Swings (44/70)

Run 500 meters

50 burpees

Run 500 meters

50 thrusters (unloaded barbell 33/45- use a rack. DO NOT DROP AN UNLOADED BARBELL ON THE FLOOR- please)

Run 500 meters

50 calories

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Saturday 7.13.19

9am Living legend and Baylor class of ‘77 alum David “the Yannimal” Yann is bringing the thunder from down under (little known fact- he’s half-Australian) beTHERE!

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Friday 7.12.19

Buy in: Chest prep- partner ball work. Band shoulder work. Mobilize.Progressively load your bar to prepare for the workout.

Bench Press: 5 sets of 3 reps. Straight Sets. Shoot for around 85%

For time:


Calories Bike
Bench Press (135/75)

Rest 2 minutes


Ring Dips


Rest 2 minutes


Handstand Walk (yards-marked on turf)

Hammer Curls (getSOME)

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Thursday 7.11.19

Buy in: 100 double unders.

8 reps- cat/camel, birddog, side-lying bridge, bridge, superman.

Mobility: captain morgan, cossack stretch, lat stretch.

Deadlift 10 sets of 2 reps progressive loading.

3 rounds Assistance work:

20 Meters walking overhead lunge (25/45)

5 reps RDL

12 reps/side Single leg hip thrust on bench.

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