Friday 4.26.19

Buy in: 4 sets of 25 reps double unders. Workshop your double unders during this period. Today could be the day! Shoot for progress. Band shoulder work and additional mobilizations as needed. Cycle through all of the movements in the workout and do 10 reps of each.

Complete 4 rounds of the following.

2 minutes Bike or Row for Calories

2 minutes AMRAP 6 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 53/75, 6 bar facing burpees

2 minutes AMRAP 8 1-arm dumbbell snatches alternating (from the hang. 4/side) 8 push ups

Work continuously. Record total reps.

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Thursday 4.25.19

Buy in: Run the Southern Star loop. Turf work- 20 meters bear crawl, crab walk, high knees, low knees, walking lunges (10 meters) walking RDL’s (10 meters), walking spiderman lunges (10 meters).

Tabata progression: Push ups>air squats>crunches>bicycle crunches>repeat

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

Run 400

30 Wall Balls

20 Box Jumps

10 walking overhead lunges (per side)

Finisher: Tabata assault bike or row.

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Wednesday 4.24.19

Buy in:Use an unloaded barbell to perform the complex featured in the workout. Mobilize. Complete 5-6 sets of the below complex to prepare for the workout.

Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes:

Odd Minutes: Power Clean>Hang Squat Clean>Front Squat (newbies sub: sumo deadlift high pull>kb swing>goblet squat)

Loading is up to the lifter. Progressive is fine, straight sets is fine

Even minutes: 5 Toes to Bar>3 Chest to bar>1 bar muscle up>5 burpees (if you can’t muscle up just add another chest to bar)

Finisher: Self-love

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Tuesday 4.23.19

Buy in: Deadlift prep-10 reps- hip circle side steps, front steps, backward steps, clamshells, hip thrusts. Cat/camel, birddog, side-lying bridges. Progressively load your barbell to prepare for the workout.

12 sets of 2 reps@85-90%

Assistance work-

3x5 Snatch grip deadlifts

3x25 Push ups

3x5 Dumbbell reverse lunges (dumbbell in each hand)

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Monday 4.22.19

Buy in: Partner ball work- 8 reps: chest pass, left side pass, right side pass. 8 reps dumbbell external rotations (very light). 20 meters handstand walk. If you can’t walk on your hands, practice kicking up on the wall outside. Progressively load your barbell to prepare for the workout.

Bench Press: 5 sets of 3 straight sets.

Complete 3 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

3 rope climbs

5 Push Press 95/165

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Friday 4.19.19

Buy in: Deadlift prep- birddog, cat/cowmel, fire hydrant, hip thrusts on bench, side-lying bridges. Mobilize. Prepare for workout.

Complete 5 rounds not for time

5 reps Deadlift@155/225 (reps should be crisp and fast. If you can’t move the weight with powerful hip extension, reduce the weight)

15 reps Dips (sub bench dips or use bands)

10 reps Over and back shoulder press (this will be necessarily light)

3 sets Assistance work

complex- 5 reps Double KB or DB Deadlift>5 reps Double KB RDL>5 reps Bent over row>5 reps shrug>15 reps calf raises

25 reps bodyweight hip thrusts on bench wearing hip circle

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Thursday 4.18.19

Buy in: Mobilize.

For time:

100 Double Unders

Run 1 mile

100 KB Swings 44/70

Run 800 meters

100 Calories Bike/Row

Run 400 meters

100 Sit Ups

Run 200 Meters

100 Ball Slams 25/50

Time cap? You got this.

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Wednesday 4.17.19

Buy in: Tabata down dog progression. Mobilize. Progressively load your barbell to prepare for the strength portion of the workout.

Front Squats 3 sets of 8 reps. Straight sets. Keep weight challenging but prioritize form.

In 12 minutes complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:

10 toes to bar

5 hang power snatches 63/115

10 burpees

5 front squats 63/115

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