Thursday 8.16.18

Buy in: 4 sets of 25 double unders. Mobilize. 10 reps of each movement at WOD weight.

For time:

EPB loop

21 Power Cleans, 21 Push Press (63/95)

Crye-leike loop


Run 400 


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Wednesday 8.15.18

Buy in: PVC snatch progression 5 reps-jump shrug from the hang, jump shrug high pull (from the hang), muscle snatch from the hang, from an ohs position drop quickly about 2" down (5x), then same about 4" down, then to parallel. Finally, from an ohs position, drop quickly all the way into a deep squat. See this video for a quick visual reference. Going forward the above will be referenced simply as "The Burgener Warm-Up".

Dumbbell Hang Muscle Snatch: Alternate for 30 reps (10/side. To clarify, alternate in this case means you SWITCH HANDS EVERY REP) For further clarification EVERY means ALL OF THE REPS. YOU SWITCH HANDS EVERY TIME YOU COMPLETE A REP.  Use a moderate load.

3 rounds of Cindy- 5 pull-ups 10 push ups 15 air squats.

Workshop your kips/pull ups and muscle-ups.

For time complete 21-15-9 reps of:

Muscle Snatch 53/75

Pullup progression (bar muscle ups, chest to bar pull-ups, pull-ups- 7/7/7 for the round of 21, then 5/5/5, for the round of 15 and 3/3/3 for the round of 9.

12 minute time cap

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Tuesday 8.14.18

Buy in: 7 reps Unloaded barbell complex- RDL, hang power clean, front squat, hang squat clean, push press, back squat. Mobilize.

Squat clean 7 sets of 3 progressive loading

Back Squat 3 sets of 2 reps@90% 

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Monday 8.13.18

Buy in: 8 reps Cat/Cowmel, Side-lying bridge right, left, Hip thrusts, supermans, toes to bar. Mobilize. Progressively load your bar to prepare for the workout. 


4 sets of 8 reps@ roughly 70-80% of 1 RM Straight Sets

3 sets of 5 reps Assistance Work in circuit fashion (go light):

Snatch grip Deadlift

Snatch grip RDL

Bent over row

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Friday 8.10.18

Buy in: Knock out. 10 burpees once you're bounced! Mobilize with the precision and expertise you've cultivated for all these years.

Bench Press: 9,7,5,3,1,1,1,1,1

Dips: 1 set Max reps

Pull ups: 1 set Max reps

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Thursday 8.09.18

Buy in: 5 reps each position (snatch grip using PVC pipe) jump shrug from high hang position, high pull from high hang position, muscle snatch, 2-4-6" drop, drop to squat, sotts press.

Using a very light weight: 3 position snatch[power] (2 unbroken cycles of high hang power snatch, snatch from the knees, snatch from the floor)

Using that same weight: 3 position snatch [squat]

Progressively load your bar to prepare for the WOD.

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes complete the following complex: Power Snatch, Overhead squat, Squat Snatch. Use the same weight throughout.

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Wednesday 8.08.18

Buy in: Tabata- samson stretch left, right, pvc good morning, pvc shoulder dislocation, repeat, tabata unloaded barbell- RDL, Hang Power Clean, Hang Power Snatch, Push Press repeat. Mobilize. Progressively load your bar to prepare for the workout.

15 minute AMRAP

100 reps Double unders

5 Power Cleans, 5 Push Jerks, 5 Front Squats (95/155)

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Tuesday 8.07.18

Buy in: Tabata down dog progression. Progressively load your barbell to prepare for the workout.

Back Squats 10 heavy singles at 80% and beyond.

Finisher: Bike 30 seconds for calories.

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