Saturday 6.21.08

Partner Circuit WOD- free community workout at the First Tennessee Pavilion

work in tandem for most stations, trading out after one minute.  Other stations require both partners to work continuously for two minutes before rotating to the next station. 

Congrats to Lee and Jayson who had the most high-scores.  They win a free GetBuiltChattanooga CrossFit shirt! Everybody did a great job and worked hard.  This was our biggest group yet, thanks to all who came out!  We want you guys to spread the word and encourage you guys to contact us and let us know if you plan on coming out next Saturday.  Please feel free to give us feedback via our email link or in the comments section. Also a special thanks to Daniel Hartmann and Katrina for helping facilitate, coordinate and organize the WOD.  You guys rock!


Mike AlleyComment