Saturday 7.19.08

Congrats to Chattanooga Firefighter Jon Lehman for winning today's free WOD.  As the grand prize winner, he took home the satisfaction of a job well done...:)

 "The Consultation" WOD

Starting at the top of "the ramp," CrossFitters pulled themselves down the hill ala "this sucks" video.

Complete a lap through Renaissance Park.

Run to the top of "the mound" for a consultation with Dave "Praying Yanntis" Yann where he dispenses wisdom from on high in the form of one of four tasks:  Air Squats (100), Box Jumps (50), KB Swings (30), Jump Rope (x200)

Run down the hill to complete task.  Return to Yann for more knowledge until all 4 tasks are completed.

Finish by running backwards to the starting point (up the ramp).

Winning time: 16:01!

Thanks everybody!  See you next week. 


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