Saturday 7.26.08

"Discovery WOD"

Run through Renaissance and Coolidge Parks and over the Walnut Street Bridge.  There are 4 stops you must make along the way before returning to finish at the top of the ramp (which you run backwards of course).  The stops are staffed by friendly folks with a job for you to do.  Initially this information was withheld from participants- hence the "discovery" part of the WOD. The elements ended up being: 250 jump-rope skips, 100 push ups, 100 step-ups, 50 jumping lunges.  The jumping lunges station was on the far side of the bridge.  Total approximate running distance: less than 2 miles, unless of course participants "discovered" that they were off course.  Nice job everybody and thanks for playing with us! Congrats to GetBuilt Crossfitter DBL for earning a Get Built shirt.  Nice!  Gotta call out the "Painted Stallion" here.  Missed you brody




Mike AlleyComment