Monday 1.26.09

Run 5k

Lee, Brenda, friends,

Monday, plan on being outside. See, we're running.  DPat, just because this is a running WOD, don't blow this one off.  Angie, just because you can run on your own, don't miss this one.  Jeff Gill and DBL we expect you guys to "bring it" all the way from Shallowford Road.  Cole, Angela, and Brad, don't miss your first "official" GetBuilt WOD just because its involves running.  Katrina said she'd stay until 9:00 if she has to, just to make sure you guys don't miss out.  I know Berube will stoically "take his medicine" and do this one.  He never, and I mean never, finks out on a running WOD.  Poole, on the other hand is a bit of a question mark.  Have I left out anyone?  Amanda, Carol, Cherie, Richard, Hope, Ramon, Eric, Lisa and anybody else who is even considering this WOD- get off the fence and do this!  Make it happen.  Don't wait for next time- in the words of the great Apollo Creed, "THERE IS NO TOMORROW!"

p.s. Dave Yann's frisbee team HUMILIATED my frisbee team yesterday. They won by 3 points. Props to DY.'s cheatin' ass


Free Saturday WOD 1.24.2009-OHL/Burpees and Griff from katrina fomich on Vimeo.

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