Thursday 4.23.09

If you are training today, please read this information and post questions to comments. Bringing focus to this session can yield tremendous dividends. Tap in to your inner form nazi. Be your very own form policeperson and be strict about it. If this means less weight, tell yourself to get over it and make it the most intense session you can while being form-perfect.

"A Call to Arms"

  • 20 Reps Back Squat- high bar position, narrow stance Tempo 4-0-1
  • Max Reps Chest to Bar Dead Hang Chin Ups/ Ring Rows Tempo x-1-3
  • Max Reps Underhand Grip Barbell Row Tempo x-1-3
  • 20 Reps Snatch Grip Kettlebell Squats on platform Tempo 1-1-1
  • Max Reps Diamond Push Ups Tempo 3-1-x
  • Max Reps Band Tricep Extensions Tempo 1-1-1

3 Rounds. 3 Minutes between rounds.

Complete all reps before moving to next exercise. Strive for unbroken sets. You will use the same weight for each barbell exercise. Tempo is the speed at which you will perform a given movement. In the squat example: you will lower at a count of one thousand one, etc. Pause in the hole and stand quickly with the weight. The x that appears in the chins means that you will perform the upward phase as quickly as possible. At the top, pause and contract, and lower at a count of one thousand one, etc. Post questions to comments.


Mike AlleyComment