Friday 6.19.09

Free Saturday= YES!  9:00 am at the box.  We get there at 8:55 or so.  Don't panic if you show up and there's a crowd waiting outside.   They are friendly folks.  Don't ask about Bryce's socks.  He has a condition(I think he caught it from DBL).  We do our best to get folks out of there by 10:00 am.  

No Friday Lunch.

Friday P.M. WOD= Hooverball!


Friday AM WOD:

Round 2 from the Dave Tate "Time Under Tension" (if this sounds like a description of your work life, so sorry):


Romanian Deadlift

Band Row

Wide Grip Pullup

Barbell Curl

KB/ DB hammer curl


Each set will last 30 seconds.  This time we will work through the plan as drawn up, completing three sets of each movement before rotating.


Mike AlleyComment