Thursday 7.02.09

Box Lunch Gone Bad, Fight Gone Outside

In the same format as FGB, the athlete will work one minute at each station before moving on to the next.  The clock does not stop until all 5 stations have been completed. After one minute of rest the second of three rounds will begin.  Score= total reps.

Shuttle run (one point per line touched)

One arm kettlebell power snatch

Box/Stair Jumps


Double Unders (one point for every 5 singles)


New Shirts will be available next week!  Here's an image.  One change- the "shield" will have the muscle effects but will not have shading.  The shirt color (fatigue green) will be the shield color if that makes sense. This image is the front of the shirt, the back will say CrossFit forging elite fitness. 

Mike AlleyComment