Tuesday 9.15.09

Best WOD ever! 

Robby don't call me and ask what the WOD is.

Brenda show up anyway. 

Cherie just do it.

Chris Poole... oh never mind.

Bryce this ones lump friendly.

Cole, you'll need child care if you want to do this one.

Travis, you're gonna love it.

Wheelhouse Hope.  Show up anyway.  Don't be an elitist solo type.  Also, don't call and ask me what it is.

Brad you're gonna be so stoked. But only if you show up.

Precise, I know you're on the once a week plan.  THIS should be the day.

Marc Mayes, do this one for your kids.

Molly, you're going to meltdown with joy over this one!

If I've left off your name, I love you anyway, it was simply an oversight.  Show up and make this the best WOD of the 15th of September 2009 we could ever imagine!  What are you waiting for- call now... Low credit? No credit?  NO problem.  No reasonable attempt at this WOD will be refused!

Mike AlleyComment