Monday 2.01.10

This week marks the beginning of the second cycle of Jim Wendller's 5/3/1 Program.  Lifters will add five pounds to their one rep max for upper body movements and 10 pounds to lower body movements.  Here's an example using my deadlift.  My 1RM is 335.  I based all of my percentages on this number for the 1st cycle.  Going forward I will use 345 as my new 1RM and figure my percentages off of this number.  Pretty simple really.

Buy In: Wrist/Tricep Stretches (consult your trainer)

Back Squat

1x5 @ 55%

1x5 @ 65%

1x Max Reps @ 75%


AMRAP 12 Minutes

Front Squat (155/95) 5 Reps / Box Jump 10 Reps

supremely annoying stretching narration (actually reminds me of how Dave Yann talks):

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