Friday 10.15.10

Buy In:  max reps pushups/pullups, external rotation w/dumbbell 2x8 (perform these in a deliberate fashion), pvc shoulder dislocations 2x8.  multi directional wrist stretches approx. 2 minutes

Shoulder Press 1x3@60,70,80% (max reps last set)


3 sets-

Handstand Holds on the wall (use a spotter- no bonus points for broken necks) (scale by assuming pushup position with feet elevated at a level you can accomodate). up to 15 seconds (don't blow it out because of what's coming next)

Handstand PushUps (do incline push ups instead for scaling) go for max reps-1 (LEAVE AT LEAST ONE IN THE TANK FOR OBVIOUS REASONS)

Ring Rows 3x Max Reps

Weighted Ring Chins 3x6

Ring Dips (sub ring pushups)




Mike AlleyComment