Friday 10.22.10

Buy In:  Pushup/Pullup max rep set.  PVC Shoulder Dislocations x 10.  YTWLI x 8.  Strict Form Pressing Style Wall Ball Shots-  3 sets of 3 reps. 

Shoulder Press 1x5@65%, 1x3@75%, Find your max.

then: (5 attempts per)  max reps double unders, standing broad jump, max distance med-ball keg toss, max distance soccer ball kick (in the air, rolls aren't measured)  If anybody has some balls they could loan us, we could use a couple for the day.  We've only got one ; ) and lastly, max distance frisbee toss.  Happy Friday!

01AThorPromoArt.jpg Thor Promo Art image by 8-2-B-4-9-5

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