Monday 11.29.10

Thanksgiving:  to all of our friends for help when we were gone and to all of you who support our gym and make a great thing possible.

New Girl Talk album is available for free download.  I have downloaded it and will play it during WOD's.

Buy In:  Run Terminal Loop.  2 sets: Bridges x 12, Side Lying Bridges x 12, Back Extensions x 12, Plank 1.5 minutes, freestyle Asian Squat x 2 minutes

"Annie are you okay?" (we did this one at Kauai CrossFit). (rhetorical question)

21-15-9 reps of:
Row (Cal)
75 lb Sumo DL High Pull
20 lb Med Ball Clean
75 lb Thruster
20 lb Wall Ball

for logistical reasons, we'll run this in 4 person heats max.  We can run 2 heats at a time.



Mike AlleyComment