Thursday 12.02.10

Buy In: Pigeon on the Box 1 minute/leg x 2, Pallof Press (see a trainer) 1 set of 3 10 second holds, YTWLI: tip from Dr. Swann (the house chiro) perform this series of movements with the scapula pulled back and together- it takes this drill to the next level. Tricep Stretch/Elbow/Wrist Stretch 1 minute/side x 2.

1 Set= 1 Rep Shoulder Press (no body English) >  5 Reps Reverse Lunge Left Side (barbell is in the high-rack position)> Shoulder Press 1 Rep> 5 Reps Reverse Lunge Right Side (yes same barbell position)> 1 Rep Shoulder Press

5 sets


Death by KettleBell Swing.  Add 1 rep every minute until you can no longer continue.  Capped at 20 minutes.


Mike AlleyComment