Monday 2.22.10

Welcome to the second annual de-load week.  Right, it's not annual, but it's what we do every 4th week these days.  What to expect?  We'll still deadlift, shoulder press, squat, and bench, doing 3 sets of 5@ very modest percentages.  What will follow though will be a good bit different than anything we've done previously.  Intensity (as measured by percent of 1RM) will be low, but don't let that lull you into a sense that this week will be anything but challenging.  In all likelihood, you will be strenuously challenged, but it ain't what you'd expect.  Bottom line, show up (the fundamental personality trait of those who reside in Awesomeville) and plan to exercise.  I will draw heavily on work that I've been introduced to through Australian strength coach Ian King.  He advocates adherance to specific tempo protocols during execution of the selected exercises.  As anyone who has participated in the house "metronome challenge" on dips can attest, sticking to a set cadence can quickly become a chore, a painful chore.  Happy Monday all, let us get BUILT.


1x5@ 30%




climb on the pain train


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