Tuesday 2.23.10

Shoulder Press

1x5@ 30%,40%,50% (3 total sets my fellow mathletes)

then climb aboard the magical mystery pain train for the following (again, props to Coach Ian King for tempo prescription and some of these exercises):

20 Reps barbell forearm extensions (= palms down) w/ unloaded barbell (use the 15k bar if necessary)[kneel on the floor, forearms resting on bench, hands hanging off of bench]  Tempo: lower for a 3 count, raise in 1, hold the contraction for 1 (3-1-1)

20 Reps barbell forearm flexion (= palms up).  Same tempo/load

Triceps Tri-Set- (rest as little as possible between movements)

Grab a plate (you pick the load) hold it like a steering wheel.  Take it overhead and lower it behind your head.  No bonus points for clubbing yourself in the skull. Tempo= 4 seconds lowering, 2 second pause in the bottom, 2 seconds to raise the load.  10 Reps

Band Pushdowns- use the burliest band you can manage.  Tempo= push down for 2, hold for 2, come back up in 4. 10 reps

Dips- modify as needed.  Tempo= 4 seconds lowering, 2 second pause, 2 seconds up.  10 reps

Shoulder Tri-Set- (rest as little as possible between movements)

High Pulls (65/33) 12 Reps 1 1/3 reps.  Grab a bar in the middle, hands about 4 inches apart.  Execute an upright row, (bar to chin) lower the bar to the nipple line (yes, I said nipple) and return to the chin, then lower the bar completely= 1 rep

Bradford Press (65/33) 8 reps begin w/ barbell at shoulder height in front and raise the bar just high enough to clear the head and lower bar to upper traps (pays to be yoked) and return bar to front, again taking it just high enough to clear head= 1 rep.  Tempo= 4-1-4-1

Shoulder Press (65/33) 12 reps Tempo= Raise the bar in 3 seconds, pause 1 second at the top, lower in 6 seconds.


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