Wednesday 2.24.10

Plan on doing a "sexy" met-con today.  What does that mean?  It refers to a phrase coined by Melissa Urban on her blog, "Whole9".  She wrote an article I linked to recently:  When overly relied upon, met-cons (think workouts like Fight Gone Bad, or Filthy Fifty) can fool us into a certain self-satisfied complancency.  I don't think we're in danger of that here at get BUILT as we do "brand name" met-cons sporadically at best.  But today, we're bringing sexy back.  The team here at getBUILT has put it down on the board at 203 E. MAIN. and we're using phrases like "Instant Classic" to describe it.  We're quite pleased with ourselves (we often please ourselves).  This time we think we're going to smite  please you. Plan on putting out for this one.  We've dubbed it "Sexy Time".  Its waiting on you at the box.  Show up and plan on leaving breathless.


Mike AlleyComment