Thursday 2.04.10

Buy In:  Partner Neck Work- 5 reps each direction. 20 total reps using the bench.  Berube just wing it and throw something fun at them (not a joke- nothing to do with massage.  you will receive instruction on this once you're in the house.  Use Wabango to let us know you're coming).


1x5@ 55% 1RM

1x5@ 65% 1RM

1x Max Reps @ 75%1RM


5 Rounds for time

10 KB Presses/ Jerks 5 Reps/side

15 Weighted Bridges (no pad, only got one, sorry guess its htfu time) [155/ 95]

20 Double Unders or 100 singles your choice.

Have I mentioned Wabango yet?




Mike AlleyComment