Wednesday 4.07.10

Team Trip to Awesomeville

how do you get to Awesomeville?  The journey starts and finishes at 203 E. Main Street

Team Challenge 1:

For time: Carry Tire around short loop.  Rolling the tire would be waaaaaaaaaaay too easy.  NO ROLLING the tire. Start and finish at the sidewalk at the driveway entrance.

Team Challenge 2:

Terminal Loop Relay.  (1 lap per member)  Start at corner of Main and Rossville Ave and run towards Market Street up Main.

Team Challenge 3:

Row 2K  Break Up among members as desired.  Teams are limited to using a single rower at a time.

Team Challenge 4: 

Deadlift 33,750 Pounds.  Max Load on Barbell= 135.  Teams are allowed to use 2 barbells with different loads (use 135 and 75 for example) BUT can only have one in play at a time.  135x250=33,750

Mike AlleyComment