Thursday 4.08.10

from Kurt in internet land came this email to the getbuilt account.  I've copied and pasted his email and my response:

Your Name: Kurt
Your Email Address: deleted
Location: Lebanon, TN
Message: Why in a "CrossFit" gym would you put any emphasis on bicep barbell curls, or wrist curls, or for some (IMO) insane reason, work them into one of your "WoDs?" This doesnt make much sense to me as a CrossFitter...Is it to satisfy your "globo gym" members who are hell bent on having big biceps? How will a curl increase your work capacity? Is a curl a functional movement that creates any assault on midline stability?





I'm not sure what you mean by "emphasis".  From my perspective,  the
movements you mentioned account for a small percentage of the total
work done in the workout.  Furthermore, closing a truck tailgate or
picking up a heavy wheelbarrow (both of which I do) both require
considerable contribution from the biceps.  If you fail to see the
relevance of strengthening the wrists/forearms during a "Buy In" phase
of a session in the gym, then I don't know what to tell you.  CrossFit
WOD's are great.  We love them.  I have a duty to prepare my paying
athletes in a comprehensive fashion and so may include things in a buy
in such as "foam rolling".  What does that have to do with "assaulting
midline stability"?  Not much, but it has everything to do with
insuring that my athletes keep themselves healthy and their soft
tissue pliable.  I think you'll find that our blend of programming
entails a great mix of challenging, fun and functional workouts.
Thanks for your inquiry.  Please drop by any time you're in the area.
We'd love to meet you.


Mike Alley



Deadlift 1x3@60,70,80 (max reps last set)


Isometric Biceps Contraction (30 seconds per side)  Focus on squeezing the biceps as hard as possible.  To ensure maximal conctractile firing of the motor units, be sure to engage all major muscle groups.  One way to ensure synchronous and comprehensive firing of motor units is to initiate squeezing at the perineum (think "cutting off flow").  Please post questions and tips to comments.

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