Tuesday 5.18.10

Please note:  We are closed this Friday and Monday.  This will also be the case the following week.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

(with apologies to those whom I promised "Filthy Fifty" [it'll show up later this week, but upon further review, I decided it'd be downright redundant in light of Monday's WOD])


for time complete 30 Clean and Jerks


(For our purposes, on this occasion, RX is from the floor with a quarter-squat catch.  The jerk is not considered complete until the athlete fully extends their hips and demonstrates locked out arms and undeniable control of the weight.  The onus is on the athlete to perform these lifts up to the prescribed standard.  Reduce the load if you are unsure of your technique.  Good time+ crap form= crap workout.)


Mike AlleyComment