Wednesday 5.26.10

Buy In:  Dynamic Mobility

"Straight to Hell"

50 Wall Balls

First Person off the wall goes to the sled. Next two go to the Erg.  The rest go to burpees.  Plug into the sled or ergs as available. Burpees are the only exercise you can break up in order to keep the bottlenecks from backing up.  Quit in the middle of your burpees as soon as you have to, to jump on the sled or ergs.  Complete your burpees once you're free.

Sled 75 Meters out/ 75 Meters (unloaded women/2 45's men-  scale as needed)

Erg 500 Meters

50 Burpees

100 Double Unders (sub is 500 singles)

50 Box Jumps

50 KB Swings (35/53- scale as needed)

50 Tire Blows  (no namby-pamby tire blows allowed!)

50 of something else i'm forgetting but have written on the dry-erase board

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