Thursday 5.27.2010

Buy In: Terminal Loop.  20 Bridges.   2 sets of 10 Back Extensions.

Deadlift 1x5@55,65,75 (max reps last set) [Ryan Berube, pretty please note "max reps" on dry erase board beside the 75% set- thanks!]

then in 12 Minutes complete max rounds of:

5 Deadlifts 95/185

5 Dead Hangs [Bonus Points for wide gripping/close gripping/chinning/chest to bar/opposing grip or any other such variations] (dead hangs are until you must kip- this can mean that in say, Round 4 you only get 3 d.h. and must resort to kipping for 2, you should continue in Round 5 to pursue dead hangs even if you get 2 this time and so on in subsequent rounds.  Dig?)


Mike AlleyComment