Wednesday 5.05.10

Buy In:  Clean Progression using unloaded barbell  w/ Trainer (as a group)



5 Full Squat Clean and Jerks (75/115)

5 Pull Ups

10 Rounds for time

scaling for this WOD will include lighter weights and power cleaning from a hang position.  Strive to improve your lifting mechanics and demonstrate mastery of the lifts (in addition to a mastery of conditioning) in executing this WOD.  The house record for this WOD is 9:48 held by Brandon Bergin from CrossFit KTown.  For the record his form was uglier than dammit, but his time stands nonetheless.  Jan is not a standard CrossFit WOD. I put it together in the summer of 2008.  You will not find it on Beyond the Whiteboard,, etc. A search of the archives will show previous times for those interested. 

Mike AlleyComment