Monday 8.23.10

Be Prepared for a bit of a mess at the box this week.  We are slowly, but surely installing insulation.  We spent almost 8 hours on both days this weekend with the help of Jeff Cannon and Anj McClain from GreenSpaces, fighting to get this stuff up. Its hot up there! Trust us... we'd all rather stick to our day jobs.  Thanks for enduring the inconvenience this week.  The box will be even awesomer once we're done.


Buy In:  Barbell Clean Progression (33/45):  5 Reps of: Hang Power Clean> Mid Thigh Power Clean> Below the Knee Power Clean> Liftoff (do not take barbell beyond the knee)>Power Clean

Full Squat Clean 1x5@65%, 1x3@75%, 1+@85%

then: 1 set of 20 Reps (without racking the barbell)@ Heaviest Possible Load

Mike AlleyComment