Tuesday 8.10.10

Buy In: PVC Shoulder Complex + Y,T,W,L,I x 8 Reps

Shoulder Press

1x5@55,65,75% (max reps last set)

then for time:

50 Pull Ups (dead hang)

50 Ring Push Ups (rings set at roughly 6" off the ground- elbows to 90 degrees at a minimum.  scale to normal/modified push ups off the floor as needed)

50 Bar Dips

50 Push Press (65/95)

Break sets up as desired, complete exercises in your preferred order, just get the work done and make it quality work.

(the dog's name is "Swole"- actually his registered name is a bit more involved, but this is apparently what he goes by.  in this photo he is 7 months old.)



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