Thursday 9.16.10

Early AM WODS will carry on in Berube's absence.  Godspeed Ryan.

Buy In:  Side Lying Bridges 8 per side x 2.  Plank for 1 minute x 2.

Squat 3 Reps@ 60%, 3 Reps@ 70%, 3+ Reps@ 80%


12 Minute AMRAP

5 Overhead Lunges per side (with left arm locked out holding kettlebell lower left knee to ground and same w/ right side

10 Goblet Squats

5 Single leg Romanian Deadlifts per side (weighted, ie-HOLDING KETTLEBELL)

5 WEIGHTED Bulgarian Split Squats per side (elevate rear leg on box or bench- execute a split squat to a depth of 90 degrees or deeper while holding KB)

The point of this workout is for you to get stronger by working your muscles through a complete range of motion with a challenging load.  Don't be a score whore.  Anyone who gets some crazy number of rounds is missing the point.  Don't be that guy. getBUILT!

Mike AlleyComment