Tuesday 9.28.10

Buy In:  perform your max-rep pullup and/or push up set and plank for 2:30 (don't let your meat loaf)

"Tabata Sh!+Storm"

(complete entire set of tabatas before moving along to the next station within the 10 seconds rest interval of the 8th set. In other words, no rest between movements)

Box Jumps (please note- it doesn't say "step-ups" anywhere- if you are too tired to jump, you get 0 credit for jumping by stepping up- cheers!)

Erg (that Concept2 apparatus) for calories (rely on the trainer for prompting, not the C2 clock

Knees to Elbows (don't touch the ground between reps)

Double Unders (just like the B.J. rant:  Singles=0. Cheers!)

Burpees (yep, you guessed it: Cheers!)




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