Friday 9.10.10

Buy In:  External Rotation w/dumbell 8 reps/side x 2.  Place upper head of dumbbell in your navel.  Keep elbow joint fixed at 90 degrees.  Rotation ceases when upper head of dumbbell is at shoulder height.  Control both phases of movement and execute with focus and a deliberate tempo.

Shoulder Press 1x5@55%, 1x5@65%, 1x5+@75%


Stampede (modified from original)

On the sidewalk alongside Rossville Avenue, bench press 5 reps.  (use your trainer or a fellow athlete to hand off the barbell to you).  Rest for 20 seconds.  Complete max reps push ups for 15 seconds.  Rest 20 seconds.   Sprint 25 meters.  Complete 7 Rounds.

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