Friday 1.21.11

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"Mule" (75#/135#) [as always, scale the load as needed]

the wod will open with "flogging the mule"- Grab an unloaded barbell- you will perform a tabata set of barbell curls.  At the completion of the eighth set (3:50) you will load your barbell and head out the door.

for time- Niedlov's loop (carrying the loaded barbell of course)

once you've returned to the gym perform 10 bar rollouts followed by 10 floor presses followed by 10/side floor wipers.  From there complete 10 squat cleans, 10 push presses, and 10 reverse lunges (5/side)

Close out the fun with another trip around the Niedlov's loop (carrying your loaded barbell of course).



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