Wednesday 1.05.11

Buy In: Foam Roll/Lacrosse Ball Mobility Freestyle 5 minutes. Plank 1.5 minutes. Asian Squat 3 minutes.  "Couch Stretch" (see MWOD website) 5 minutes.


The clock will run for 30 minutes.  You've got 3 minutes to complete a Terminal Loop. You have the next 2 minutes to begin a 1:1 ladder of burpees and kettlebell swings. [Ex.- Stephen A. runs the lap in 2:01.  He gets :59 seconds to recover.  At the start of the next minute, he will do 1 burpee/1kb swing, then 2 burpees/2kb swings then 3 burpees/3 kb swings and so on until 2 minutes have elapsed. This is one round.  There are 6 (5 minute) rounds.  Your score is based on the number of complete sets of burpees/kb swings.  Stephen A. gets 6 burpees/4kb swings on Round 1 so his score is 5 points for that round (he did 5/5 and couldn't get a complete 6/6).  Report total points to comments  Questions?  Bring some warm layer options.

Mike AlleyComment