Thursday 10.13.11

Buy In:  Row/Run.  2x10 Bridge, side-lying bridge, cat/camel, superman,hollow rock. 50 ab-mat crunches.   5 minutes per leg, foam/pvc/barbell rolling. 

Exercises first, format follows below-

A1 Kettlebell Swings

A2 Kettlebell High Pull


B1Box Jumps

B2 Double Unders


C1 Rower

C2 Push Ups

Here we go:  you've got 3 pairs of exercises.  It goes A1,A2,A1,A2 rest.  One minute per movement for reps(sub cals on the rower).  So in the first couplet, you'll swing for a minute, highpull for a minute, swing for a minute, highpull for a minute and then rest one minute. After the rest period move on to the next pairing.   Basically 3 four minute rounds.  Start on which ever pairing you like, just do all three.





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