Wednesday 10.05.11

Buy In: Row/Run 500 meters. 10 Reps PVC Shoulder Complex, Accumulate 2 minutes plank, 2 minutes hollow body position (static hold, not rocking), 2 minutes asian squat, 2 minutes couch stretch.  With an unloaded barbell, complete 10 reps each: snatch, thruster, power clean and jerk, squat clean, deadlift.

The October Painstorm (courtesy of CrossFit Northeast England):

In 20 min, using 155lb accumulate as many points as possible using the following schedule:

(Use one load throughout, if scaled up or down simply note results in comments.)

Snatch = 10 pts.
Thruster = 5 pts.
Ground To Overhead = 4 pts.
Squat Clean = 3 pts.
Deadlift = 1 pts

Mike AlleyComment