Wednesday 12.14.11

Buy In: Run or Row, 3x Down dog, pigeon left, down dog pigeon right. Couch stretch 2 minutes/ side.  Max reps pull ups and push ups.

Barbell Reverse Lunges ( start with your feet together and step backward with one leg, putting your knee on the ground in a gentle and controlled fashion. Do not "unload" or de-tension your muscles- touch and go. Pulverized patellas are bad for knee health).  You can scale this movement by lightening the load or substituting weighted step-ups or both.

For time:

Run 200 meters (100 out/100 back)

Lunges 11 Reps per side@45/95

Run 200 meters

Lunges 9 Reps per side@55/115

Run 200 meters

Lunges 7 Reps per side@65/135

Run 200 meters

Mike AlleyComment