Tomorrow marks not only the the final wod of 2011, but also the final wod for Derek Spinale as he will be leaving GetBuilt for a greater cause, USAF Pararescue.  His effort, energy and enthusiasm will be missed.  We will end this year in honor of all our men and women in the armed forces with guns blazing!

Buy-in: Row/run/jump rope, PVC pipe shoulder complex, 20 air squats 11 supermans, 20 back extensions 11 leg swings (per leg), 20 arm swings 11 db external rotations (per arm)

Strength: Bench Press 3x3

Wod: 12 min AMRAP

20 push ups

11 power cleans (115/75)

Immediately upon completion of the 12 minute amrap: 20 dips 11 concentration curls per arm

Cash out: Don't be a jerk. Show up on time and high five Derek!

Mike AlleyComment