Friday 12.09.11

Buy In: 100 double unders, 2x12 band face pulls, band pushdowns.  Max rep pushups and pullups.

A1) Bodyweight rows with barbells.  Chest should touch bar. (use the Rogue rack and set the barbell height accordingly. If able, elevate your feet by putting them on a box. This should resemble an inverted push up- think ring row, but with a bar. If necessary, place your feet on the floor.  Be careful as the barbells can slide.)

A2) Wide Grip Push Ups

3x12 (alternate between A1 and A2 for three rounds before moving to B)

B1) Seated Arnold Press with Dumbbells/KB

B2) Wide Grip Pullups

3x12 (as above)

C1) Skullcrushers

C2) DB/KB Concentration Curls  (that's right-suck it Kurt)

3x15 (Shirley you've caught on by now)

oh yeah, and take your sleeves off.




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