Tuesday 3.15.11

Buy In: Row 2 sets of 500 meters(world rowing challenge starts today!  register and fill out your online logbook.  Cherie are you gonna captain this ship again?) Ring Hang/Active Hollow 2 minutes total.

Push Press 1x5@55,65,75%

Team WOD:

AMRAP 12 Minutes (start in any order. you cannot change your order once you've started)

Row 100 Meters (keep the rower running and simply add 100 meters to what ever you start with)

3 Burpees

10 Sit ups (thumbs to floor to heels and back)



This picture best conveys how I would fare in the wild at this moment.  In fact, this creature probably has a better chance of surviving among predators given the state of my legs.  I'm even leaning against a tree in the yard right now.  Fell right out of the car and couldn't get up the steps...


Mike AlleyComment