Friday 4.01.11

Buy In:  High Five every person in the building.  Remove your sleeves. Prepare to dominate the bench: Rotator Cuff dumbbell exercise x12, Band Freestyle on your shoulder, Lacrosse Ball, PVC to the muscles of the upper torso.

Bench Press 1x5@65%.1x3@75%,1xMaxReps@85%


(I was totally going to post "Run 20k" in honor of April 1, but I'm so pumped about how awesome this WOD is that I am forgoing the laugh)

for time


Perform Chest to Bar Pullups and Thrusters in ladder fashion from 1-10. Pullups and Thrusters must be unbroken.  The workout ends if you cannot complete the set. Post time,load,reps, questions to comments.

1 Chest to Bar Pullup, 1 Thruster

2 Chest to Bar Pullups, 2 Thrusters

3 Chest to Bar Pullups, 3 Thrusters etc...


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