Monday 4.04.11

Buy In: Run 2 Terminal Loops or Row 1000 Meters.  Squat Prep: 12 reps of leg swings, pvc ohs, bridges.  2 minutes each of kneeling adductor stretch and laying flat on your back with your feet on the wall, with your butt as close to the wall as possible. Foam/PVC Roll your quads. 


Squat 3x5@50% of 1RM

between every set of squats complete 5 reps of the following:

Superman with PVC Pipe (lay on your stomach with arms outstretched holding a PVC Pipe. Keeping your arms locked, raise your chest off of the floor)

PVC Thruster

PVC Snatch Balance

PVC Overhead Reverse Lunges (5/side)

PVC Back Squat (pause in the hole for 5 seconds each rep)

The goal here is to improve your mobility and squatting prowess. Bring a workshop mindset and strive to cultivate the prettiest squat your body can muster.  Mastery of the simplest things shows a commitment to excellence.  No bitching about lack of a butt-busting met-con. For reals.  This is a de-load week.


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