Thursday 6.02.11

Buy In:  Shoulder Mobility work w/ pvc and band freestyle.  Row a single max-effort 500 meters.


For time- Each team member will complete 500 meter efforts, performing a total of 4 sets (2000 meters).

Do not reset the rower, the clock/meters will run continously.  Even though the meters will read 500plus each time, row up to the next 500 increment (in this case 1000). Teams will be up to 4 people each.  Divide the total meters  by the number of athletes to get the average time per 2000. Ex. A 4 person team will row a total of 8000 meters.  Divide the total time by 4.  David Yann will fill in for any team that doesn't have enough people.  Post time and well-considered thoughts to comments.

Mike AlleyComment