Friday 1.13.12

Buy In: 3 sets max reps double unders. 12 reps: PVC Shoulder Complex, PVC OHS, Push Ups.  Roll yourself out. Bring it.

WOD (copied and pasted from Garage Games are February 11.

This isn’t finalized but at least its a start
Saturday is Individual Day for ONE

Overall divisions will be crowned but also winners inside age divisions.
Individual WODs = 4-5

-classic triplet = 21,15,9 KB, Burpee, PushPress
RX men = 2pood, 95#bar
RX women & Scaled men = 1.5pood, 75#bar
Scaled women & Beginner men = 1 pood, 45#bar
Beginner women = .5pood, squats (no bar)


Mike AlleyComment