Monday 11.12.12

Buy In:  Post a comment.  Row 500 meters.

Hip flexor prep: 2 minutes: pvc roll the hips, couch stretch, Captain Morgan stretch.

2 sets of 10:(pause for 5 seconds at the top of each rep- this is going to cause some localized burning. Be conscientious and be tough):

Bridges (don't forget, pause for 5 seconds at the top and squeeze hard),

Bird dogs (from a hands and knees position, straighten one arm and the opposite leg- keep the extended limbs even with the torso and don't forget to pause for 5 seconds while extended and squeeze),

Fire hydrant (minimal rotation of the low back, 5 second pause and squeeze).


(this workout is for load, not time.  copied and pasted from

Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

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Watch the WOD demo video on from November 5 for explaination.





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