Tuesday 12.11.12

Buy In: Tabata Chest to Bar Jumping Pullups- (remember to lower yourself so that your elbows are all the way open- no physiological exemptions granted here. #Cunningham).  Tabata Row (the idea here is to pull 8 times every 20 seconds and try to make the 8 strokes take the full 20 seconds.  This means you are allowed 64 total pulls- post total meters to comments).

20 reps Overhead Squats with the Band ( No Saggy Bands!).  2 minutes: Asian Squat, Captain Morgan Stretch, Olympic Wall Squat.

then for load:

7 sets of 3 position snatch where a set is comprised of: 1 hang squat snatch, 1 squat snatch from the knees, 1 squat snatch from the floor (touch and go) and repeat starting at the hang. If you're paying attention, one set= 6 total reps.  You do not release the barbell until you have completed the 6th rep.  If you fall down or drop the bar, that is no rep.  Please re-read as necessary until you achieve full comprehension.  Rest as needed between sets.



Mike AlleyComment