Friday 12.14.12

Buy In: High Five a Trainer. Remove Sleeves.  Tabata  Double Biceps Pose (yep, serious- Hold the contraction for the full 20 seconds- be sure to engage your lats as well- if you don't know what those are, you need to quit being a pencil neck).  Tabata Push Ups- I bet you can't hold 10 honest push ups for all 8 sets. (chest to floor, full extension at the top, no meat loafing).  Tabata band rows (or face pulls whatever you want to call them- pull the band to your chest and pull your shoulder blades together).

Wide Grip Bench Press 3x8

Close Grip Bench Press 3x8

Wide Grip Pullups 3x5

Close Grip Chins 3x5

KB Arnold Press (seated) 3x5

Circuit fashion is fine. Not for time, but for pleasure. Savor every rep.


Mike AlleyComment