Sleeveless Friday 3.30.12

Buy In: In lieu of high five, flash a double biceps pose to the trainer, provided you are sleeveless and prepared to begin working out.  12 Reps:  PVC shoulder complex, dumbbell lateral raise, dumbbell rear delt flyes (standing in folded over stance), kb curl and press (i'd go light on this one).

Bench Press 5 reps, light. 3 reps heavier.  3 reps even heavier. 1 rep- getting serious. 1 rep- close to max.

Then: figure out how much you bench.  because that's pretty important information.

then: Tag. Yeah. Exactly. Tag.  Depending on group size, use the lines of the basketball court either half or full court to play tag.  Take turns being it.  Once you are tagged, you are out (for that game).  Time how long it takes to get everyone out- round is capped at 45 seconds.


Mike AlleyComment