Row 500.  12 Reps: PVC OHS, PVC Shoulder complex, Band Face Pulls, Ring Rows, Toes to Bar.  Band Freestyle for shoulders.   

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Five rounds for time of:
Handstand walk 25 yards
50 Squats

I am dubbing this WOD, "Wang Time". We're gonna go 20 meters.  If you are competent, try using the court. If you cannot go as prescribed, you will partner up.  Your partner will hold your feet while you wheelbarrow walk. Take turns and complete WOD as a team.    If you cannot wheelbarrow you will put your feet on a mat and physically drag yourself down the turf. (see picture)  Another way to scale this WOD is to perform 3 rounds instead of 5.  Use your good judgement and make the right decision for you. 

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Finisher- 50 pullups for time.


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