Friday 5.11.12

Buy In:   Run Baseline to baseline 10 times alternating between running forwards to running backwards.  12 reps: ring dips, band face pulls, turkish get ups (6/side). 25 reps- Hollow body crunch.

Using 75 pounds for women/135 pounds for men, in 15 Minutes Complete as many rounds as possible of:

5 Reps Barbell Row (barbell travels from floor to navel with flat back and torso parallel to the ground ie, bend the ^%%$ over- cheers!)

5 Reps RDL

5 Reps Floor Press

5 Floor Wipers/Side (Toes touch plates 10 times total)

Carry the barbell across the court/turf (20 meters minimum).  1 Point scored for using a Clean and Jerk to initiate the carry.  2 points scored for using a snatch to initiate the carry. In a crowded court scenario, the lifter who locks the load out overhead first has the right of way. Post points/load to comments. 

Mike AlleyComment