Thursday 5.10.12

Buy In: 25 Reps for form, PVC OHS. 10 Reps: PVC Snatch Balance (5 reps Power/5 Reps Squat), Band Pull Aparts, Supermans.

3 Position Snatch*- 7 sets. rest 75 seconds between sets. 


2x8 back squat@ 70%


*this drill goes as follows: high hang, mid-thigh hang, from the floor, repeat.  That means you will do a total of 6 reps per set.  These are squat snatches.  That means you will do a total of 6 full squat snatches, per set, starting from the positions listed above.  Do not release the barbell during your set.  That means you will not release the barbell from your grip while completing 6 consecutive full squat snatches.  This is great news for people with limited confidence with the snatch. Loading on this lift will be necessarily light/medium.  This is a tremendous opportunity to train to become better at working with this movement, cheers!




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