Monday 8.6.2012

Buy in:  Run 400 meters.  Squat prep:  couch stretch, down dog-pigeon sequence, foam roll or pvc hip flexors and calves/achilles.   1x25 air squats.

Squat:  front or back, your choice.  5x5

Then, we're gonna run.  The goal is to run fast.  If you haven't sprinted in a while, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you are warmed up!!!  No ruptured achilles, pulled hamstrings or quads allowed.  Britton, maybe just sit this one out.

Group start. WALK BACK after all intervals.  Do not hussle back. You should be 80-90% recovered (at least) before each run. 

Run 200 m at 50%. 

Run 200 m at 75%. 

Run 200 m at 100%.  Repeat 7 times.   (two warm ups, eight 200 m sprints).

Mike AlleyComment